Mending Broken Teams

This program focuses on teams with specific challenges. Assessment tools and team development processes provide outside perspectives and insights, and enable team members to:

  • Identify team weaknesses, gaps and breakdowns
  • Recognize team strengths and synergies
  • Establish a foundation and framework for building a productive team
  • Develop practical and detailed strategies and action plans to improve team dynamics, collaboration and performance

Is your team broken?

  • Do team members regularly complain about miscommunication?
  • Is crisis management the norm, creating a culture of tension and mistrust?
  • Are team members lacking engagement and commitment?
  • Is there an unspoken agenda or double standard operating?
  • Do team members disagree on team rules, norms and behaviors?
  • Is there misalignment regarding team goals, responsibilities and results?

Additional thoughts from our discussions

  • What’s in it for each team member, team leadership and the organization
  • What’s the payoff? What’s the cost?
  • What’s the solution?