Leadership in the Cultural Context

This unique program focuses on strengthening the critical dynamic between leadership and culture, two components of global business which directly impact workplace performance. Rather than treating these areas separately, this program deliberately interweaves the two together. As a result, participants develop and strengthen their ability to lead successfully across all types of cultures: corporate, regional, national and global.

Leadership in the Cultural Context helps organizations develop leaders who:

  • Recognize the impact of diverse cultural dimensions and leadership styles
  • Are skilled at leveraging leverage leadership and cultural diversity to enhance global teamwork and achieve organizational objectives
  • Align their leadership approach, actions and behaviors with those of their counterparts worldwide

Who benefits?

  • Organizations that recognize the critical importance of developing the cultural proficiency of their leaders
  • Executives who need to prepare the future leaders of the company to be successful in the global marketplace
  • Global team leaders and team members who must work together across cultures, functions and organizations
  • HR professionals who know that leadership development in today’s multicultural environment must include cultural proficiency as a key component

Results include:

  • Increased ability to influence and collaborate to achieve business goals
  • Accelerated development from tactical management to strategic leadership
  • Strengthened internal and external business relationships
  • Increased engagement and commitment to the organization
  • Avoidance of cultural missteps which could impair a company’s performance
  • Opportunity for objective feedback and fresh perspectives on challenging issues