Harnessing the Power of Global Teams

This highly interactive multi-session program introduces leaders and managers to specific strategies and techniques for achieving results by leveraging diverse corporate and cultural workplace styles.

Limited awareness of these strategies and techniques, and of the impact of diverse leadership and cultural styles on individual and team performance, frequently leads to ineffective team leadership, lost productivity and missed opportunities.

Harnessing the Power of Global Teams addresses the challenges of leading global teams by assessing leadership style in a cultural context. We provide a toolkit of proven skills and methods for generating a more complete picture of the organizational and team environment and for successfully leading in a broad range of corporate and cultural environments.

Results include:

  • Develop and sustain cross-functional and cross-cultural team performance
  • Align individual goals with organizational objectives
  • Customized to meet specific company objectives
  • Build and strengthen internal and external business relationships
  • Strengthen engagement, commitment and retention of key leaders