Maximizing Cultural Integration: Beating the Odds

Whenever two or more cultures connect in a business context, Cultural Integration is an issue to be considered and managed. RS Worldwide provides a variety of programs in this area, from the macro to micro level, assessing ‘cultural fit’, identifying roadblocks, and examining the compatibility of leadership and workplace styles for those involved in the following:

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Post Merger Integration (PMI) : Striving for proper alignment among all parties, particularly where culture and leadership are concerned
  • Ensuring that the human capital side is examined as rigorously as the financial or legal dimensions
  • Addressing the distinct challenges, both short and long term, at the individual, team and organizational level

Relocation and Secondments

  • Providing country specific programs, focused solely on business, designed for temporary or extended assignments
  • Using cultural proficiency and leadership competency assessments to create alignment of values, norms, expectations and behaviors
  • Enhancing comprehension of the new country and/or corporate cultures
  • Assisting clients in acquiring the set of skills and techniques unique to the new environment

Company Restructuring or Reorganization

  • Clarifying the vision and goals of the newly structured organization
  • Emphasizing the importance of employee buy-in
  • Resolving regional and interdepartmental differences
  • Addressing the ripple effects of CEO and senior leadership changes

“Mergers fail more often than marriages.” Thus began a CNN investigative report last year on the rampant failure rate of mergers and acquisitions, despite attempts to the contrary. The the last decade showed a 50-70% rate of unsuccessful M & A transactions, with some figures as high as a staggering 90%. The figures sadly continue to disappoint, with many offering possible explanations. Not surprisingly, many point to the mismanagement of issues pertaining to culture—both national and organizational—as a major culprit in this breakdown of corporate relationships.