Our Services

Our consulting group offers your company custom-designed programs and services which address the concerns and challenges facing your organization in today’s complex, multicultural world.

We concentrate on four critical areas:

  • Harnessing the Power of Global Teams
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • Leadership in the Cultural Context
  • Mending Broken Teams

Harnessing the Power of Global Teams

Offering team development programs that enable global teams to work together effectively to achieve team goals:

  • Strengthen collaboration and teamwork
  • Increase team members’ ability to influence through persuasion rather than force
  • Develop high-performing global teams and leaders who are prepared to lead successfully in diverse corporate and cultural environments

Developing Cultural Intelligence

We have decades of experience working with senior executives and business professionals from Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Western and Eastern Europe, parts of the Middle East (particularly UAE),  and Russia

  • Languages spoken include:
    • 日本語 Japanese (high intermediate level)
    • 汉语 Mandarin (basic level)
    • Français French (high intermediate level)
    • Русский Russian (basic level)

Leadership in the Cultural Context

Working with executives and managers to be sure their leadership approach, actions and behaviors are aligned with those of their counterparts worldwide:

  • Our individual and group coaching programs support organizations in developing leaders who:
    • Recognize the impact of different cultural dimensions and leadership styles
    • Have the ability to leverage leadership and cultural diversity to enhance global teamwork and achieve organizational objectives

Mending Broken Teams

This program focuses on teams with specific challenges. Assessment tools and team development processes provide outside perspective and insight, and enable team members to:

  • Identify team weaknesses, gaps and breakdowns
  • Recognize team strengths and synergies
  • Develop practical and detailed strategies and plans to improve team dynamics and performance

What is Your Preferred Leadership Style?

Complete the leadership assessment below and return it to info@rsworldwideconsulting.com. We will review your results and contact you for a complimentary consultation on how you can leverage your leadership style to increase your influence across cultures and countries.
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