Our unique approach combines Leadership and Culture, two key components of global business which directly impact workplace performance. Rather than treating these areas separately, our expertise lies in deliberately interweaving the two together.

Through our consulting services and program offerings, we:

  • Assess leadership styles in a cultural context
  • Generate a complete picture of our clients’ organizational or team environment
  • Develop strategies and action plans that achieve company goals.

Our clients leave with an increased ability to:

  • Develop and lead global teams
  • Strengthen business relationships
  • Remove roadblocks to success as global leaders
  • Manage change, chaos and ambiguity
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Build organizational loyalty
  • Increase engagement and productivity
  • Enhance decision-making skills by drawing on a broadened global perspective
  • Achieve individual, team and organizational goals in today’s diverse workplace environment

This Week’s Insights:


Forget the Hamburger Index, in Japan the most accurate economic indicator appears to be in luxury handbags, apropos in a culture where women still control the family finances*:

Has America’s “Fail Fast, Fail Often” mantra in business gone too far*?

After fashioning an entire Apple store, Starbucks and countless other counterfeit schemes, it looks like China is at it again, this time setting up a bogus bank. Not particularly good for improving public perception……

*please contact RS directly if access to article is problematic