About RS Worldwide

RS Worldwide is a consulting group specializing in improving the performance of global teams. We do this by focusing on developing the cultural proficiencies and leadership skills required to be successful in the global business environment.

Who We Work With

Our clients are major organizations desiring to maximize the productivity and results of their global leaders and teams. We have worked with multinational companies across a broad range of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, consumer products, hospitality and technology. We have also worked extensively with academic institutions and government agencies.

What Business Issues Do We Address?

Clients call us when they are faced with business challenges that require both leadership skill and cultural proficiency. Our programs and services introduce leaders and teams to specific strategies and techniques for achieving results by leveraging diverse leadership strengths and cultural dimensions. We concentrate on four critical areas: Harnessing the Power of Global Teams, Maximizing Cultural Integration, Leadership in the Cultural Context and Mending Broken Teams.

Typical Situations Include

  • Promotions: Successful transition of recently promoted leaders into new roles
  • Senior-level hires: Smooth integration into the corporate culture
  • Global teams: Newly formed, cross-functional and cross-cultural
  • Onboarding: New managers, leaders and executives
  • Succession planning: Identify critical skills and behaviors required for future leaders
  • M & A Transactions: Consulting with key leaders and stakeholders before, during and after the merger/acquisition

Depending on your specific needs and circumstances, we provide our services in a variety of formats, whether individually or in a team setting. We work with executives and teams in person and virtually, increasing the reach and impact of the results.

Would you like to discuss your specific business issues and objectives? Contact us at 914.238.0010 or info@rsworldwideconsulting.com.