About RS Worldwide

RS Worldwide is a consulting group specializing in improving the performance of global teams.

We focus on developing the leadership skills and cultural proficiencies required to be successful in the global business environment.

Our clients are major organizations desiring to maximize the productivity and results of their global leaders and teams.

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Our Services

Our consulting group offers your company custom-designed programs and services which address the concerns and challenges facing your organization in today’s complex, multicultural world.

We concentrate on four critical areas:

  • Harnessing the Power of Global Teams
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • Leadership in the Cultural Context
  • Mending Broken Teams
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Our unique approach combines Leadership and Culture, two key components of global business which directly impact workplace performance. Rather than treating these areas separately, our expertise lies in deliberately interweaving the two together.

Through our consulting services and program offerings, we:

  • Assess leadership styles in a cultural context
  • Generate a complete picture of our clients’ organizational or team environment
  • Develop strategies and action plans that achieve company goals.
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